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The Facebook Accelerator Program is designed to teach you how to take your Facebook page to the next level through a two-pronged approach–focusing on quality content and strategic paid advertising. By the end of the 16-week training, each trainee will be able to identify and create compelling Facebook content as well as be able to craft, target, and evaluate Facebook Ads.

We believe strongly in learning by doing. For the Facebook Accelerator Program, you will be given real money to place real ads. Placing real ads will allow you to test different ad strategies live on Facebook to see how they perform with real social media users. This funding clears the way for your organization to experiment with and thereby learn the platform without any of the administrative headaches or risk of wasted financial resources.

Who Should Take This Course
This course is intended for Facebook managers who want to grow their organization’s Facebook presence. Trainees should be very familiar with the Facebook platform, post content regularly, have time set aside each week to solely focus on social media, and have already completed and showed a strong understanding of the Digital Advocacy Fundamentals training.

This course has limited availability by application only. Organizations who can demonstrate existing social media acumen and have a clear upcoming policy campaign will be given priority registration.

When Is the Course Offered
This course is offered twice a year: February and August.

What You Need to Be Successful in This Course

  At least one staff member who will dedicate half or more of their time on digital advocacy work.
  This training will take 3-5 hours per week for 4 months.
  Commitment from your organization’s offline campaign team and communications staff to integrate digital campaign work. Support from these teams is vital to develop a cohesive advertisement campaign.

What You Will Accomplish
By the end of the program we expect each trainee to be able to post content to Facebook, create ads, and evaluate live metrics to determine the success or failure of an ad. These lessons should be second nature by the completion of the 16-week program. Organizations who have completed the program have doubled their Facebook followers and monthly engagements, sometimes even within the first month!

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