Are you facing constant ad rejections? Do you find social issue ad verification challenging? The Social Media Accelerator Training is three-part training program designed to equip you with the necessary tools and skills to maximize online engagement through paid advertising on Meta and X (Twitter) platforms. Join our course to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively. Gain the necessary insights and resources to optimize your digital campaigns successfully.

Below you’ll find our training schedule. We encourage you to save these dates to your calendar and register to each as soon as possible.

  1. Lesson 1: Overview and Introduction: COMPLETED
    Zoom Recording of Webinar
  2. Lesson 2: Meta Paid Advertising Strategies
    Zoom Recording of Webinar
  3. Lesson 3: Twitter/X Paid Advertising Strategies
    Zoom Recording of Webinar

Who Should Take This Course
This course is intended for digital practitioners who want to grow their campaign’s digital presence. Trainees should be very familiar with Meta and Twitter/X platforms, post content regularly, and have already completed or showed a strong understanding of the Digital Advocacy Fundamentals training.

What You Need to Be Successful in This Course

  At least one staff member who will dedicate half or more of their time on digital advocacy work.
  This is a three-part training course with three 1.5 hour long lessons. Each lesson will come with an accompanying assignment that will take 1-2 hours to complete.
  Commitment from your organization’s offline campaign team and communications staff to integrate digital campaign work. Support from these teams is vital to develop a cohesive advertisement campaign.

What You Will Accomplish
Upon completion of this training, participants will have acquired an in-depth understanding of the best practices for maximizing online engagement through paid advertising on the Meta and X (Twitter) platform. They will also have improved proficiency in navigating the complexities of social issue ad verification, leading to a smoother approval process for their advertisements.