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One of the best ways to make a campaign successful is to help people visualize your message. What better way is there to visualize your campaign than through mapping examples? Activism mapping can help communicate the scope and severity of an issue, support monitoring efforts of violations or compliance with the law, and compile data to draw conclusions of success in public compliance or areas of needed improvement in enforcing the law.

Our Crowdsourcing Resources program trains you on how to collect information from the public and then use that information to pressure decision makers or the police to pass and/or enforce laws. Imagine how this could help your campaign on smoke-free public places, limiting tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorships or point of sale violations.

Who Should Take This Course
The Crowdsourcing training is meant for campaigners who are advocating for a policy to be passed into law or working on policy implementation. This course is designed for advanced digital strategists who have a built a significant movement of grassroots advocates online and are comfortable deploying new technologies.

When Is the Course Offered
This course is offered in September 2018.

Course Materials 
The Crowdsourcing Resources training is provided based on The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ Crowdsourcing Resource Toolkit. This document provides a step-by-step program on evaluating if crowdsourcing is right for you and how to put together a strategic campaign to collect and map data.

The course is conducted in partnership with Ushahidi, a mapping software platform that provides an immediate technological solution to get your mapping campaign up and running in no time.

What You Need to Be Successful in This Course

At least three staff members who will dedicate half or more of their time on digital advocacy work and a dedicated following of advocates on social media to mobilize.
  The training will take 5 hours per week for 1 month.
  Commitment from your organization’s offline team and communications staff to integrate a mapping tool and the resulting data into an overall campaign.

What You Will Accomplish
By the end of the Crowdsourcing training, trainees will be able to identify what makes a good crowdsourcing campaign, how to plan, develop, and launch an original crowdsourcing initiative, and how to use the Ushahidi Platform to collect, organize, and display campaign data.

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