Learn how to build a network of digital advocates that can amplify your message reaching key audiences. 

The goal of this program is to teach trainees to strategically leverage influencer relationships to support their advocacy campaigns.  

A key means of driving engagement on social media channels is to develop relationships with committed advocated who are able to communicate with key audiences online.  

The Application Period for the 2021 Tobacco Control Champion’s Network Manager Program is now closed.

Who Can Take This Course
This program is designed for organizations that have seen positive results using social media, but are looking to expand their influence in new ways by solidifying influencer relationships with potential Tobacco Control Champions.  

Organizations that have the following characteristics are encouraged to apply to this program:

  • Have an active policy campaign in the next 6-8 months.  
  • Have been through our “Fundamentals of Digital Advocacy” training or have equivalent experience.  
  • Have active social media channels that you are managing. 

Course Materials
The course can be taken at your own pace but we will have expectations that you finish reviewing materials for each lesson during the allotted time and finish the corresponding assignments. More about the course can be found in the curriculum below.

Dowloand the full course curriculum here (PDF)

What You Need to Be Successful in This Course

CapacityWe expect participants to spend about 20 hours a month on the program, with hour-long webinars held on an biweekly basis. There will be 5 courses throughout the program, each of which will have an assignment/action that will take 2-4 hours. These actions will be directly tied to identifying, recruiting, and managing your champion network. The first iteration of this course will last until July, but we will continue to work with grantees throughout 2020. 
  CommitmentThis is an intensive course that requires a long-term commitment. We expect that trainees will be committed to the program for the long haul, taking the relationships built in this program and continuing to strengthen them moving forward, even after the formal training has concluded.  
Tenacity: This course will require grantees to be committed to conducting cold outreach to potential advocates. It will take some time to build a successful network, but the work will pay off exponentially as your network amplifies your work on an ongoing basis.  
Stategy: Your results from this course will only be as strong as the overall strategy of your campaign. Your champions will amplify your message but they will only truly change the needle if they’re leveraged strategically to influence the policy process.  
  Collaborative Spirit: The TC Champions Network is a global effort providing the opportunity for trainees to learn from each other as well as from the instructors.  

What You Will Accomplish
By the end of this program you will have a network of 10-20 Champions that you will be able to activate to support your campaign at key moments through online and offline actions. You will have the tools you need to continue to develop these relationships and leverage them in a strategic way that will complement existing campaign tactics.