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Advanced Digital Advocacy is a self-paced training course that includes a Digital Advocacy Fundamentals refresher and covers the following topics: advanced content creation, campaigning on mobile, digital paid media, advanced analytics, and Instagram.

Who Should Take This Course
This course is designed for organizations who are in advanced stages of digital advocacy campaigning. These organizations must have the following core competencies:

  1. Presence on one or more social media platforms with evidence of consistent posting and community engagement
  2. Previously run at least one digital campaign from start to finish
  3. Has completed Fundamentals of Digital Advocacy Training or demonstrated similar aptitude.

When Is the Course Offered
This course is offered in June 2018.

Course Materials
Advanced Digital Advocacy trainees are not expected to attend all lessons linearly throughout the year. Some course offerings will be more relevant than others, as such trainees are allowed to pick and choose from the six lessons in this track.

A new lesson will be available bi-monthly starting the beginning of May, all the way through to the end of 2018. Each lesson will be available with office hour support. In that time, trainees will have a weekly opportunity to talk with the trainer in real time and work through problems and exercises.

Download Course Curriculum (pdf)

What You Need to Be Successful in This Course

At least one staff member who will 100% of their time on digital advocacy work as an overall digital strategist managing a program.
  Each topic of the training will take 5 hours per week for 1 month.
  Commitment from your organization’s offline campaign team and communications staff to integrate digital campaign work. Most of these topics require financial resources for advertising and/or technical developer time.

What You Will Accomplish
Advanced Digital Advocacy is oriented toward a deep dive in specific topics to build specific skills, as opposed to a more general overview of building a digital campaign. Each lesson is designed with a specific outcome for direct application in a current campaign.

At the end of this course, you will be able to write original campaign content, create videos and infographics, place paid media ads, create mobile campaigns, and fully understand the reach of digital content through analytics.

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